Friday, February 27, 2009

Just thought I'd mention

I am using the Twitter thing these days, so if any truly devoted readers want to catch me there, I invite you to do so.


Sure, it's exhibitionism, but what the hey, I'm a writer, a narcissist, a wanna-be artist and a wishful deep-thinker. And I crave validation.

Catch you later!


Janette Rallison said...

Twitter? Email, facebook, and blogging keep me in front of the computer enough. I'm not trying to twitter (or twitterizing, or whatever the correct term is) until they add another hour in the day. But good luck!

Kristi Stevens said...

Um. I'd ask what twitter is, but I really don't want to know. I blame you and Melinda for all the hours I've wasted since October on Facebook. I'm with Janette. Until we have five more hours in the day, I don't want any more technology.